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CND Soldiers by Banksy Happy Chopper by Banksy Police Kids by Banksy
Grin Reaper by Banksy Queen Victoria by Banksy Weston Super Mare by Bansky
Nola by Banksy Donut (Pink) by Banksy Trolley Hunters by Banksy
Golf Sale by Banksy I fought the law by Banksy Love is in the air by Banksy
No Ball Games (Green) by Banksy Soup Can (Original Colourway) by Banksy

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Possibly the most talked about artist, in both the art, mainstream and tabloid press in the last two years, stencil artist Banksy has managed to maintain a successful art career without revealing his true identity.

First seen on the walls of his hometown of Bristol, Banksy has had work shown in Tate Modern, Louvre, The British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Although he did go there and put them up himself unannounced.

His work is often anti-capitalist, anti-war and mocks any kind of authority.  He's known for his humorous and outrageous imagery and stunts, which stick two fingers up to the system, and his respect for the art institutions and galleries is somewhat minimal.

The exhibitions he puts on attract widespread coverage and huge crowds, and his work has sold at Sotheby's for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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