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Takashi Murakami

Flowers Flowers Flowers Kaikai Kiki And Me - For Better Or Worse, In Good Times And Bad. The Weather Is Fine. Flowers Have Bloomed
Kaiki Kiki And Me - The Shocking Truth Revealed Flower Ball(3-D)Red Cliff Even The Digital Realm Has Flowers To Offer
Purple Flowers In A Bouquet 'Open Your Hands Wide' and 'Such Cute Flowers'

Murakami is widely credited with starting the style known as Superflat.  It is a style characterised with flat planes of colour and graphic images involving a character style derived from Anime and Manga.  Superflat is an artistic style that comments on subcultures, as well as consumerism and sexual fetishism.

He works within fine art as well as digital and commercial media and has successfully marketed himself and his work to the Western culture.  As well as Manga and Anime, he cites Andy Warhol, Lictenstein and his Japanese predecessors as influences.

Murakami doesn't just sell high art pieces - he also markets his work in the form of t-shirts, key rings, videos, mouse pads and limited edition handbags, in a bid to straddle the line between high and low art.

His work is highly desirable and his sculptures have reportedly been sold for over $1m.

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