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Nick Walker

Spray Can 3 by Nick Walker Vandal Triptych by Nick Walker The Morning After London by Nick Walker
Paint Chuckers by Nick Walker Vandalism Black by Nick Walker Incognito by Nick Walker
Empire State by Nick Walker White Panties (Grey) by Nick Walker Vandal Airways by Nick Walker
Butterfly by Nick Walker That's Better by Nick Walker Morning After Moscow by Nick Walker

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Another product of the amazing creative hub that is Bristol, England, Nick Walker combines stencils with photography, graphic design and his free hand drawings. Starting out as a graffiti writer in his hometown with contemporaries who have also gone on to become full time artists in their own right, Nick ensures he is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of traditional graffiti with his combination of intricate stencil images with his conventional freehand methods.

His work is often tainted with humour as well as making you stop and think about the message he is broadcasting, and is a source of escapism for both the viewer and the artist, and he has recurring characters within his images.

In more recent years his distinctive style has enabled him to move his work from the streets of the world to gallery walls in places like London, Canada, Tokyo, Berlin, Taiwan and numerous venues in the U.S.

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