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Shepard Fairey

Panther Power by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is one of the most acclaimed street artists of today. He started as a graffiti artist with his Obey Giant sticker campaign, which spread across the USA through the Skater community. He has developed into a graphic designer and illustrator. Most recently he is best know for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster, which became the most iconic image of the 2008 Presidential election.

 Fairey’s work is influenced by consumer culture and is often politically motivated.  His imagery is derived from advertising and propaganda posters but is reworked to comment on modern life.

 A measure of his success is that his work can be found amongst the collections at major galleries across the world including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Smithsonian, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


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