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Lisa Gunn

No. 37 No. 33 No. 15
Lisa Gunn: no.7 No. 29 No. 48
No. 50 No. 60 No. 63
No. 72 Descent

After experiencing incomplete paralysis following a car accident in 1997, Lisa Gunn has devoted her art to coming to terms with her disability. Gunn is confined to a wheelchair whilst on solid ground but, once in the water, she has complete physical autonomy.

The work is a collection of light boxes and film taken from a series of performances whereby Gunn experiences a symbiotic relationship with a sculpture of an embryo. 

Gunn says, "I am always striving to achieve an expression of alternate physicality. The embryo's weight enables me to stay under water as I use the air in my lungs to allow me to float to the surface to breathe. For me, this symbiosis is a parallel. I am constantly looking to find new ways to physically challenge my body. I believe the work expresses the relationship between mother and child and the liquid environment represents the womb."


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