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Natasha Archdale

Female Nude Female Nude

Natasha Archdale was born in London and spent a nomadic childhood in Europe and Africa. After settling in England, Archdale attended Bedales School and Cambridge Arts where she focused on drawings of female nudes.

Following a serious car crash which left her bedridden with a broken back for 6 weeks, Archdale used the tools to hand - her reading material, the Financial Times, and a borrowed Pritt-Stick - to create collages of nudes using the newspaper print. The torn paper edges add a dreaminess to the uncompromising poses, whilst sections of print leap out of the image, adding depth and relevance to the story.

Archdale is also renowned for her studies of animals and, more recently, her 4-letter word signs, which cleverly conceal 4-letter words, some profane, against delicate, floral backgrounds. 

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