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Sunil Pawar

HYPER HYPER HYPER!! Supersonic Edit by Sunil Pawar Battle by Sunil Pawar
Top Shotta by Sunil Pawar Chic Weight by Sunil Pawar Heavyweight Beats by Sunil Pawar
Hip Hop Don't Stopt by Sunil Pawar Tone Delay Attack Reverb by Sunil Pawar

When he was just 15, Sunil decided to skip school one afternoon and boldly walked into the North London offices of music legends, Soul II Soul with a bag full of paintings.  He sold everyone of them.  17 years later, painting and DJing are still instrumental parts of his life.

His work reflects the world he surrounds himself with - DJ culture, sound system clashes, and graffiti.  He mixes spray paint and acrylics to create bold and brash imagery.  As loud as the music that inspires them and him, Pawar's work mixes abstract and graphical images with his distinctive style of composition.

Commissions and Clients include: Comme Des Garcons / Junya Watanabe, Harvey Nichols, BBC, Action Aid International, Converse, RBK, Patricia Murphy Films, Bikini Films, Atari, Sunday Times, Atmospheriques Records France, BMP DDB New York, UCLA, Ecko Unltd. Design Week, Clown Skateboards and the Guardian.

Sunil's work regularly appears in exhibitions, magazines and books worldwide.

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